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Water Bores

Nevill Webb Welldrilling will arrive at your property with clean, well maintained equipment. Philip and his water well drilling rig operator will work professionally and efficiently to complete your new water well.

  • New well casing will be installed to the full depth to ensure stabilisation of the borehole using a cable tool, water well drilling and driving system.

  • You will be kept informed of each aspect of the water well drilling project to allow you to share in the decisions that will affect the outcome of your new water well.

  • The well will be developed to its full potential and tested to prove its performance.

  • The water quality can be tested on the job or samples sent to a registered water laboratory in the Lower North Island.

  • Nevill Webb Welldrilling will provide you with a well log report that will reveal all aspects of your well's construction and for new wells, we can file a copy on your behalf with the regional council.

  Call us for more information on our ground water services.

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