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Comprehensive well drilling services for the Lower North Island

Nevill Webb & Son Ltd are specialist water well drilling engineers installing water supplies for cities, farms, gardens, irrigation, industrial and household use.

The water well drilling company has been involved with drilling projects all over the Lower North Island, encompassing Manawatu, Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Rangitikei, Ohakune area and Wairarapa. We have been providing excellent drilling and boring services for 63 years.


Nevill Webb & Son Ltd currently operates five modern cable tool water well drilling rigs on the Lower North Island. These rigs construct wells 150mm to 600mm in diameter in a diverse array of geologic formations. Call our team to discuss our drilling and boring services - we will be happy to start working with you.

History of the company

Philip Webb is the owner of Nevill Webb & Son Ltd. He is the second generation of water well drilling engineers with his father Nevill Webb establishing the water well drilling company in the late 1940s to provide water supplies to the rural properties north of Levin. Philip has spent a lifetime in the water well industry and was on the water well drilling rig sites from an early age during the school holidays. He started operating water well rigs at the age of 12 and was part of the full time team, water well drilling at the age of 15.

Ties to the industry

Nevill Webb & Son Ltd is a founding member of the New Zealand Drillers Federation Inc and has been a member since the early 1970s. To stay up to date, Nevill Webb & Son Ltd regularly sends a representative to the Water Well Drilling conferences in New Zealand, with Philip also attending the American National Groundwater Association Conferences. Along with this, Philip has spent extended periods of time meeting and training with water well drilling companies in the USA to keep up to date with new developments within the drilling and boring services industry so they can provide their clients on the Lower North Island with the best possible products and results.

Philip is also certified by the New Zealand Certification Board in Water Well Drilling.
Conducting boring services in the Lower North Island
“The true cost of a well is never based on the price per metre but on the long and dependable service the well gives over many trouble free years ahead” - Philip Webb (Owner of Nevill Webb & Son Ltd)
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